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Whatever your business goals, Online Academies have courses for all entrepreneurs and business owners out there. Or perhaps you are a marketing whiz, or want to make your fortune on the stock market. With diplomas in Advertising, Stock Trading, Risk Management and Business Management, you can rise to the top after completing a course with an easy-to-complete multiple choice exam at the end. Learn to plan, strategise and assess performance with cutting edge courses across the business sector.

Every business and every industry needs effective management and leadership. Online Academies offer courses specifically tailored to Farming Management, Transport Management, Environmental Waste Management, Hotel Management and Retail Management. From marketing to finances, learn to effectively assess the performance of your salon with Beauty Salon Management.

Without people, there is no business, as any great leader will tell you. Motivate yourself and your workforce with a Human Resource Management or a Conflict Management Diploma.

Get your dream job as a wedding planner or events planner after a diploma in Wedding Event Management and Events Management.

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