English and Maths

If you struggled with English and maths at school, you can get the help you need with an Online Academies English and maths course.

Not only do skills in literacy and numeracy help you in everyday life, they also assist you in getting where you need to go in your career or at college. What’s more, these courses could help you to work towards a Functional Skills qualification Level 1 or Level 2 later on. Perhaps you want to be able to help your children with their maths and English homework, or you missed out on your GCSEs in core subjects. Maybe you just want a refresher to help you at work. Take it steady: you can brush up on your English and maths online, building your confidence at your own pace with us.

The English course will help you with everyday essentials like writing a letter and understanding texts; from bills and forms, to letters, articles and brochures. The online maths content will guide you through the basics so you can master useful daily tasks involving ratios or percentages. You will be able to figure out how many bricks it takes to do a house renovation, or how to work out ‘20% off’ in a flash. Each module will be assessed with a multiple-choice test. The good news is, you can continue to work on your answers until you have attained a satisfactory result on each module. Once you have the results and knowledge you need, you can move on at your own pace to the next module. You will finish your course with a good grounding in these core subjects and a certificate in English or maths accredited by Online Academies.

Don’t let your English and maths hold you back any longer: enrol today!